It is that time of year again!

It is that time of year again when I am planning a beach camping vacation and I need to purchase a swim suit. Last year it was a well thought out plan but one I wasn’t looking forward to. I am completely the person that will compare my body with those immediately around me and if they are slimmer then me I automatically cut myself down to the size of a grain of sand. My self worth becomes non-existence because I dump on myself for not being thin as well. (so keeping my fingers crossed for the exploration with body positivity)

I wasn’t planning to buying a swim suit yesterday but I made my way over to the rack anyways and said “why the hell not, maybe I will get lucky”.

Get Lucky


And I DID! Maybe it was because my goal going into the dressing room was I will be happy if they just fit, they don’t have to look good, they just have to fit. With goal one in check, I started to check out all the other angles and of course looked to play up the assets and down play the mid-section. Check points on both and I went home with 2 new bathing suits that are very comfortable. I even purchased a panty style bottom which I rarely purchase or wear, I am a skirt bottom kind of girl.

I have to confess the bathing suit I purchased last year looks good but it is like getting into a SPANX. After I wrestle with the top and figure out which way is the front and get the straps situated, I want to fall exhausted on the bed.  I didn’t wear this suit once when I was in the Bahamas this Spring. There is no last minute, “let’s go for a swim” and just toss on your swim suit. It takes time and patience and you need air conditioning blasting on you because look out if you are hot and sweating this suit is not going on easy.



Off to the beach I go……



You are what you eat? Not really

You think it would be easy to figure out your body shape.

Pick a fruit or vegetable

That’s right stand in front of the mirror and decided if your body is more of an apple, a pear, a banana or a potato. Simple.

apple banana pear potato

Having difficulties?

Okay, try picking a shape instead. Do the same thing stand in front of the mirror, get naked if you wish and decide circle, hourglass, rectangle or triangle.

Circle hourglass rectangle triangle

I didn’t find it that easy either. I was always flopping between apple and hourglass, secretly hoping for hourglass but knowing that just couldn’t be with my thick waist.  So I finally got the measuring tape out and did my body measurements. Measured bust, smallest part of waist, hips and the distance from hips to waist. Drum roll…… it appears I am a banana or rectangle. Interesting. I am a 5’2 banana/rectangle.

Here is how I know this.

If my bust and hips are close in size and my waist is smaller ( waist is 1 to 8 inches smaller then bust) but not a lot smaller then my hips. I am rectangle, a banana, a ruler. My celebrity body is Cameron Diaz. BAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Let’s clarify, You can be a slim short ruler or a plus size tall ruler. You can have a small bust or large bust.


I have to say I am glad I am not an apple, that means my waist would be the same size or larger then hips/bust. However, I have a thick middle. I have only ever once in my life had a small waist and that is when I was controlling my food and counting ever gram of fat that went into my body I was about 22 years old. Even then I still didn’t like my tummy. I have never liked my tummy. EVER!

Okay, now that we have all that established. Why it this suddenly so important to me?

I am trying to love this body and my thick waist too. I really don’t think it is going anywhere. Actually, I am pretty sure its not. No, its not.  So while I continue to try my best to increase my exercise I also need to learn how to dress banana body so I can look and feel my best.

Stay tuned for dressing this banana body.