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Sunscreen Reviews


If you read my last post on sunscreen protection you learned about my sunscreen obsession, not just with trying my best to be a faithful user but also my hunt for the best sunscreen. I am going break these sunscreen rating posts into a few as it could be pretty lengthy to do all at once.

The first sunscreen I am going to talk about are the ones we see frequently at drug stores and other retail locations such as Walmart and Target ( well not Canada, we know what happened there). These are priced well and give good effective sunscreen coverage. These are great when you are going to be applying sunscreen a lot and don’t want to invest in more expensive sunscreens that you are only going to keep washing off ( and toweling off) in the water. I have used these on my children, still do infact. Also when I am spending the whole day at the beach, pool or water park I use these because I want to be able to apply and reapply and reapply and I personally don’t use my best sunscreens for these days. I prefer these in the sprays as I don’t like the greasy feeling these leave on my hands.  Sunscreen hands and sand.. ugh! How am I suppose to eat my beach chips?

I generally can tolerate a day at the beach of feeling a little lubed up, okay they are not that bad. Plus with the spray you can get to your back a bit better. I never use these on my face. I am very particular about facial sunscreens ( think clogged pores and breakouts)



Another sunscreen I like to use for all over body coverage is Aveeno. This sunscreen aborbs much better than those listed above and is non-greasy. I also really like the scent. It has not stained any of my clothing to date so it can be applied when you are wearing your t-shirts and tops ( but just in case be careful to avoid collars and sleeves). This bottle is also easy to pack into your purse and keep close to reapply. Aveeno is a well known and reputable brand of skincare. I really like this one.



The next two sunscreens are “natural” and “chemical free” options. I realized in my quest for trying to use more natural products and from the All Mightly God information bible “the internet” that I may be protecting myself from the harmful sun and I wouldn’t maybe die of skin cancer but rather some other deadly form of cancer from all the sunscreen I am using that is full of chemicals. So I purchased these two babies. I love that they are “healthy’ sunscreens and they do what they are designed to do which is of course protect you from sunburns but, always a but, they don’t rub in as easily as other sunscreens and therefore you have to be really careful when applying as they don’t spread out and cover as easily. You have to consciously section and grid out your body and apply to each grid section of your body or you risk getting burned on a spot you may have missed. I just don’t always have the time to take this much care when I just want to jump in the waves. It can also leave you a little pale or white whatever you want to call it when you cover your body in zinc oxide. Otherwise this has great review in the natural community.





So there you have the first three sunscreens in my sunscreen quest. Have you tried these brands? How would you review them? Pros/Cons? What other natural sunscreens have you tired?


Love Jassy



It is that time of year again!

It is that time of year again when I am planning a beach camping vacation and I need to purchase a swim suit. Last year it was a well thought out plan but one I wasn’t looking forward to. I am completely the person that will compare my body with those immediately around me and if they are slimmer then me I automatically cut myself down to the size of a grain of sand. My self worth becomes non-existence because I dump on myself for not being thin as well. (so keeping my fingers crossed for the exploration with body positivity)

I wasn’t planning to buying a swim suit yesterday but I made my way over to the rack anyways and said “why the hell not, maybe I will get lucky”.

Get Lucky


And I DID! Maybe it was because my goal going into the dressing room was I will be happy if they just fit, they don’t have to look good, they just have to fit. With goal one in check, I started to check out all the other angles and of course looked to play up the assets and down play the mid-section. Check points on both and I went home with 2 new bathing suits that are very comfortable. I even purchased a panty style bottom which I rarely purchase or wear, I am a skirt bottom kind of girl.

I have to confess the bathing suit I purchased last year looks good but it is like getting into a SPANX. After I wrestle with the top and figure out which way is the front and get the straps situated, I want to fall exhausted on the bed.  I didn’t wear this suit once when I was in the Bahamas this Spring. There is no last minute, “let’s go for a swim” and just toss on your swim suit. It takes time and patience and you need air conditioning blasting on you because look out if you are hot and sweating this suit is not going on easy.



Off to the beach I go……


Back from vacation!

I am back from a wonderful vacation and jumped right back into work and getting my classroom together and preparing for my new teaching position. Here is one shot I took of the bride and groom at the campground wedding we had. I became the official amateur photographer. It was so fun! DSC_0203

Goddess on the Beach….follow up

I did it, I went shopping for the bathing suit. It wasn’t an experience from hell Thank you GOD but here is why; I didn’t try to be something I am not. I knew if I tried on suits that looked great on the hangers and models that they would look awful on me and I would take a hit to my self esteem and body shame myself at great length. So, I decided to go to a plus clothing store because I knew they would have suits that would suit all the parts of my body I don’t like showing off and I got really lucky! I was able to find a suit that plays up my best features breast, buttocks and legs and hides my less desirable feature the belly. I dream of a flat tummy, I always have even as a teen, I just don’t have one nor will I ever.  I tried on the smallest size (yes, I had to  say that)  and I actually came out of the dressing room. Man, I would have pranced through the store if I could have. Look if the guys and gals are not checking out my rack in this suit and their eyes avert to my midsection well how do you say it?  It’s not you, it’s me. I would say it is not me, it’s you! LOL. I know now you are dying to see me in this suit! Well, I hope to get a shot when I am at the beach in our upcoming camping trip for now you will have to look at the model  picture I found.

This top with the skirt bottom and I also have the high waisted bottoms ( purchased previously) as well. The top and skirt bottom was 132.00 CAD


As seen on Pinterest

Our friends announced they are getting married the week we will be away camping at a beautiful beach. They are having a beach wedding followed by a big party in the campground. I have to say it is a first for me but I am looking forward to it. We are all helping with the planning and preparations and I took on the place settings. Now, your not going to take silver and crystal to an outdoor camping event but how about plastic and paper.

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Now here is what I did…

IMG_6240 IMG_6244

Goddess on the Beach

I have to buy a new bathing suit, maybe even two. Yes, I know there are more dreaded things I have to do in my life like a colonoscopy every few years but who really likes to shop for a bathing suit? I don’t even really know where to begin and this late in the season I don’t expect the selection to be great. The choices are endless but those that will grace this body are limited   There is how I WANT to feel in a bathing suit and and how I actually feel.

My day dream: I am goddess of the beach looking amazing in my suit with a light breeze blowing my hair and the bottom of my shear coverup. I slow mow run into the waves and walk like a fashion model down the runway beach.


The reality: I have to consider my body shape and play up my assets within a reasonable budget and buy a really cute cover up just in case the breeze is blowing.

What are your tips for bathing suit shopping?